my baby duck

Only one, a present for Everyone !

To Mamy’s and Papy’s

The need to eat and to play are equally strong for all children. Boys and Girls.

It is their imagination that counts, not skill.

Is it really no more than a duck floating in your favorite cereal? Look closer… You see whatever comes into your head, the way you want it. Imagine how that looks into your childs imagination.

Pink, Blue or Gold?

They say blue is for boys, and girls should like pink, and what about gold?

A lot of boys actually like pink, and a great bunch of girls prefer blue, while gold is a matter of the heart, “out of the ordinary”.

Whichever color they will choose, the most important is the actual object in their hands.

Let them run wild in their imagination, whatever appeals to them.

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Handmade with love


Made in Belgium


for the whole family

  • diameter23 cm
  • Height4 cm
  • Weight400 gr
  • MaterialCeramic
  • ColoursWhite, Blue, Pink
  • Manufactured inBelgium
  • Design byPatrick Vossen

After receiving your order by mail, and after receiving your payment,
we deliver directly, the amount of the transport costs are standard for all Belgium and Luxembourg.

After receiving your order by mail, an offer of transport costs will be made and communicated.

After receiving your approval, and after receiving your payment,
we deliver directly.

Yes, the product is handmade.

Yes, but it is not really recommended since it is a very fragile handmade product.

No, the product is made for children and adults; and can be used for exemple as a change tray.

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